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ClearBags is a wholesale provider of bags, boxes, art materials, and more. When we want to offer you top tier products at below-wholesale prices, we put them here in our sales item section.

This section updates regularly and includes bags, mats, accessories, and other items. Check back here from time to time to find out what current sales we’re running, or contact us if you need a product and want to learn more about our competitive pricing.

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  1. 7" x 7" LDPE 2mil Clear Zip Lock Bags (25 Pieces) [2PE77]

    Regular Price: $7.00

    Online Special $4.90

    As low as: $3.50

    Our most affordable 2 Mil LDPE Clear Zip Bags Learn More
  2. 7" x 7" Crystal Clear Zip Bags (25 Pieces) [ZC77] ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

    With superior clarity and an unmatched zip closure, these Crystal Clear Zip Bags are ideal for packaging your products in a resealable package. These zips do not have a hang hole. Pre-opened. Acid Free/Archival. Learn More
  3. Fits canvas size 6" x 12" with 3/4" depth, 7" x 12 3/8" Premium Laminated Bag (178 x 314) (10 pack) [LCB612A]

    Regular Price: $7.60

    Online Special $3.80

    As low as: $2.85

    Premium Laminated Bags offer stronger side seams than traditional Protective Closure Crystal Clear Bags® by combining two materials to improve strength while maintaining a Crystal Clear appearance. Adhesive strip is on the bag. Learn More
  4. 7" x 17" Polypropylene Flat Bag (10 Pieces) [FP1H717] ON SALE WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!

    Best for candy and bulk items, these high clarity polypropylene candy bags are clearer and stronger than traditional poly bags. Learn More
  5. 7" x 4" x 18" Eco Clear Side Gusset (10 pieces) [CSG7]

    Premium Eco Clear Side Gusset bags showcase your food products in compostable, sustainable packaging. Ideal for gifts, favors, confections, and bakery items. Use twist ties or ribbons to close and add the finishing touch! Learn More
  6. 7 3/16 X 7 1/16 NO FLAP, Crystal Clear Bags (183x180) (25 pack) [B7X7SNF]

    Regular Price: $7.90

    Online Special $6.32

    As low as: $3.95

    These are Crystal Clear Bags® with No Flap or Adhesive. Ideal for art, photo, and stationery when you don't want the flap to get in the way. These bags have optimal clarity and durability. Learn More
  7. Basis A7 - Pink 5 1/4 x 7 1/4 Envelope (10 pack) [EC004]

    Basis™ Envelopes feature an antique vellum finish and twin-wire technology that reduces finish and color distortion. Basis Envelopes are an ideal premium invitation or greeting card. Learn More
  8. 7 3/8" x 5/8" x 10 9/16" Crystal Clear Boxes for A7 Side by Sides (10 pack) [FB183]

    Regular Price: $15.20

    Online Special $12.16

    As low as: $11.40

    Easy to use Soft Fold Clear Boxes are ideal for retail product display or just to show off your products. Learn More
  9. 7 7/16 x 7 5/16 NO FLAP, Eco Clear Bags (25 pack) [GR77NF]

    Regular Price: $10.00

    Online Special $7.00

    As low as: $5.00

    Ideal for packaging your products in Eco-Friendly materials. Made from plants and compostable. Eco Clear No Flap Bags are the Compostable and Sustainable alternative to traditional packaging. Food Safe and Heat Sealable. Not Archival Quality. 1.2 mil Learn More
  10. 7 7/16 x 11 Laminated Crystal Clear Bags(189x279) (10 pack) [LB711]

    Ideal for Mailing and Marketing, our Crystal Clear Laminated Bags are stronger than our traditional Crystal Clear Bags®. By combining two materials and creating stronger side seams, these are perfect for mailers with multiple inserts. Learn More

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